Herb Lubalin

Herbert F. Lubalin (pronounced loob-allen) was born in New York City on March 17, 1918. He had no interest in art as a child apart from in his high school days where he would draw erotic nudes of Tarzan and Jane, which gave him a reputation as a dirty young man. At age seventeen (17) he was enrolled in the privately founded Cooper Union for Advancement of Science & Art in Manhattan. Before graduating college in 1939 he place second in a poster competition he entered for students and professionals. He struggled early in his career as he was fired for asking for a raise. Eventually he landed a job at Reiss Advertising and later moved on to Sudler & Hennessey, in which he spent two decades working for them. In 1964 Lubalin started his own firm called Herb Lubalin Inc. which provided serviced such as poster, magazine and packaging design and also provided identity solutions.
Lubalin is a world known and celebrated graphic designer and typographer that gained recognition for his collaboration with Ralph Ginzberg on the magazines of Eros, Facts and Avant Garde. The typographic logo created for the Avant Garde magazine by Herb Lubalin became a typeface in 1970. Herb Lubalin design a couple other typefaces which includes ITC Lubalin Graph which was a serifed version of the Avant Garde typeface and ITC Ronda. Lubalin, together with Aaron Burns and Ed Rondthaler, founded the International Type Corporation (ITC) and also the Upper & lower case magazine (U&lc). The magazine acted as a showcase for Lubalin to display his designs and typographic experiments. During his career he held positions such as art director, lecturer among others. Lubalin made iconic logos for the mother and child magazine, families and PBS just to name a few. He mainly focused on typographic design and incorporate it with photography. One of his memorable quote is “You can do a good ad with poor typography, but you can’t do a great ad with poor typography.” Herb Lubalin passed away in the New York University Hospital in 1981 and within his life span he accumulated various awards both locally and internationally.

His works

lubalinobese7 7461657834_174e75813a_z paslogo-300x202 war-contest



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